Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Giant Pumpkins Are Growing!

I visited the pumpkin patch this weekend. The giants are growing! Despite being so light in color, this is giant is a pumpkin. I visited the patch nine days earlier, and it is amazing how much he has grown in just over a week. Seeing these giants grow is making me very excited for fall!

Here is a side by side view of the same giant pumpkin taken nine days apart.

This little green guy is a new squash. I really like green squash, so I am hoping this one will grow really big. The cloth over the leaves is to protect the squash from the sun. I'm hoping to go back and visit him again this weekend, to see how much he has grown.

One of the squash flowers.

The second giant pumpkin.

If you would like to see these giants compete in the giant pumpkin weigh off, be sure to check out the Ridgefield Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off page.

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  1. That is some pumpkin! Does the color eventually get darker?

    1. Thank you! I love visiting my friend's giant pumpkin patch and seeing these giants grow. The color can get darker, but pumpkin color is genetic so not all pumpkins will be bright orange (I really like the ones that are more unusual in color).