Monday, May 12, 2014


When I first moved here, I noticed this amazing forgotten place along a route I would often drive. The more I saw the forgotten buildings, the more I grew to love them. The main house above, was a Trading Post. It was surrounded by little cabins.

Each cabin was a little different than the others. I have blogged about them a few times (you can see previous posts here and here). If you follow me on instagram, you will recognize them from the many photos I have posted of them. 

About a year ago, the Trading Post was demolished. I drove by and saw the little that remains. I posted my tribute to the Trading Post

 After the Trading Post was gone, I still smiled every time I drove by and saw the cabins. I still took what seems like a million photos of them. In the photos above and below, you can see the remains of the teepee. Each time I saw it, I would imagine all the children who went here on class trips or family road trips, and sat in that teepee and enjoyed running around those beautiful little cabins before they were forgotten. 

A few weeks I drove by and the two cabins above were gone. The teepee disappeared years ago. The cabins were gone now too. After looking at them for years, photographing them, studying them covered in snow, watching how they seemed to glow when the afternoon sun hit them just right; I was sad to see they were gone.

At least, there were still three cabins on the hill just beyond those two. I still watched the light hit them just right, watched as the roof began to collapse under the weight of snow. Even in their forgotten state, they were still beautiful.

Tonight, I drove by. I looked on the hill where the last three cabins stood and nothing was left. Gone. The last of the cabins, the last part of the Trading Post is gone.

While they were far beyond repair, I loved seeing them. The landscape along that stretch of road just isn't the same without them.

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