Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My favorite castle calls me back.

This castle is one of my favorite places. I know I refer to several places on this blog as my favorite places...yes, they all are. I find them magical and beautiful in their own special ways. This castle, I'm in awe of how beautiful it must have been. I love walking up the hill, waiting to spot my first glimpse of it. I love when it comes into view, standing on the top of a hill, forgotten and beautiful.

There is very little left of the interior, but we found a hanging staircase through one of the windows. I love the little peek we get of the inside through the few widows that aren't boarded up. 

The remains of the front porch.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More favorites from the Cornish Estate

I keep looking through the photos from our visit to the Cornish Estate remains and it seems like each photo is shouting "don't forget me," so I need to show you a bit more of this magical place. You can find my previous posts here and here and my article on Hamlet Hub.

The pool. Yes, this estate really had it all....a greenhouse, about a million fireplaces (ok, I exaggerate just a little), the longest windy driveway up the side of a mountain and even a pool. 

The remains of an iron fence against a tree.

The more we wandered, the more we interesting things we found. 

The photo above is one of my favorites from our visit. It was our first view of the tower of chimneys and I was in awe. Four chimneys stacked on top of each other. The photo below shows the other side of the tower of chimneys.

We stood in the center of the remains and felt so tiny in this giant structure. We looked up at the giant windows, the towers of chimneys and tried to imagine how beautiful this place must have been. 

To me, this place felt magical.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

More from The Cornish Estate...the Greenhouse

We wander through the remains of the Cornish Estate. If you missed my previous post, you can view it here. We were in awe of how amazing this house must have been, and thrilled we were able to find it and wander the remains.

As we made our way around the outside of the house, we saw this.....the remains of the greenhouse. 

We were excited to have even more to explore. The front of the building was amazing. 

The remains from the big front doors.
We followed the path up and around the back of the greenhouse so we could look down on it. The entire frame seems to still be there (minus the glass). 

The view of the house from the upper trail. The driveway came up through those arches.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Once, there was a magical estate on a mountain.

Over the weekend, we set out to find this magical place. I had heard about it, saw pictures of it, but knew that I needed to make the trip here to see this amazing forgotten place for myself. I studied maps of the area trying to figure out exactly where it was. Once I was sure, we set out on our journey. 

It was a perfect day for a hike. As we made our way up the path, I was getting nervous that I misjudged where it would be. We continued on, and suddenly, through the trees, we saw it.

What I originally set out to find were the stacks of fireplaces. They were so beautiful, so perfectly balanced, and really made me imagine what the inside of this estate must have been like. I think we counted around ten fireplaces. There were even remains of the tile still attached to a few.

The windows....take my breath away kind of windows. I think I may be a bit obsessed with that giant arched window. Can you imagine how beautiful that must have been when this estate was standing in its former glory?

Standing inside the remains taking in the windows, the fireplaces, the details that still remained.....this building was truly magical.

It was more amazing that I had hoped it could be. There is so much more I can't wait to show you, but it was too much to fit in one post. Be sure to check back here on Friday to see more.

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UPDATE: To read more on this place, check out my article on Hamlet Hub .