Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Tradition...visiting The Blaze

For months, I wait for this wander through this magical world of beautifully carved pumpkins....The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze. There are more carved pumpkins than you could ever imagine with carvings so detailed and elaborate it's like escaping into a fairy tale world. I wait for this night, count down the days, and hold my breath as I cross under that amazing lit arch above, into the world of The Blaze.

If you haven't been yet, get tickets now! Trust me, just go.

If you have tickets to go soon, don't worry, this is just a small glimpse into The Blaze. There is so much to see, this blog post would be 100's of photos if I included everything. There are many returning favorite carvings from past years, and many new amazing carvings.

A cake make out of pumpkins...the most perfect way to celebrate 10 years of The Blaze! I have visited several times over the past ten years, and will visit many more times over the next ten.

The scarecrows and the skeleton hands are among my favorite carvings (although I think I have referred to every carving as my favorite, but  really, they are all my favorites). 

The headless horseman...pure awesomeness. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has always been among my favorites. Growing up in the Historic Hudson Valley, we visited Washing Irving's home, spent time at the Old Dutch Church and knew Sleepy Hollow is one of the coolest Halloween towns (what other town has a legend like this?). I love this carving and think it is the perfect addition. 

In a few weeks, after the last night of this year's Blaze, I will post even more photos. 
Check back soon!

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  1. Replies
    1. It is so much fun. Makes me want to up my pumpkin carving skills :-)

  2. So cool! One of these years I will go.... It's in the "Durham Fair" category of things I say I want to do every year, but don't.

    1. I understand. I have a list of "Durham Fair" events I want to do every year too! Once you go to The Blaze, you will be back every year :-)

  3. I SO need to go next year. Looks amazing!

    1. you can still get tickets to go in November :-)