Saturday, August 18, 2012

babysitting a 700 pound giant

This week I babysat a 700 pound giant.  Babysitting a giant pumpkin is both exciting and stressful!  I will begin by saying that I absolutely love having this opportunity. I love visiting the pumpkin patch every day. I love seeing the pumpkin grow. I love seeing the long gourds, and seeing them grow is so obvious from day to day.  It still is a little bit stressful, only because I don't want anything to go wrong while in my care. 

Day 1:

Day 4:
These are two of the smaller long gourds, but you can see they have definitely grown from the day 1 photo above.

This is the biggest long gourd on the plant and he keeps growing.

The giant pumpkin was pretty well protected from the elements, which is a good thing because we had the threat of a bad storm.  I was so worried when I heard that bad winds might be headed our way, but thankfully we avoided them.

Day 5:
It takes a giant plant to grow a giant pumpkin.  This is only part of the plant.

He is starting to turn more orange.  Can't wait to see how bright his color will be in October.

This giant was 36" at last measurement (the day before babysitting--Saturday).  He was measured again Friday, and he has reached 54"!

Although I am done babysitting these giants (unless, of course, they need me again--I will happily spend more time in the pumpkin patch) I will continue to visit often and photograph them as they grow.  I can't wait to show you all how big he gets over the next few weeks.

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