Tuesday, August 28, 2012

finding beauty where I least expected it....

I should begin by saying I hate to be scared.  I'm the biggest chicken, I will totally admit it.  I avoid haunted houses. I avoid scary movies.  I find it ironic that I love forgotten places, because some can have a creepy or scary side to them.  I avoid those at all costs, so I surprised myself a bit when I discovered the beauty of old cemeteries. I don't find them creepy or scary, just forgotten beautiful places.

When I visited New Orleans, I knew I needed to see the cemeteries there. I had heard how beautiful they were, and I wasn't disappointed. They were amazing.  Unfortunately, that was back in my film days, so I will need to scan some of those photos to share with you.  Since then, I have found a few others that although they are very different from what we saw in New Orleans, they were still beautiful in their own ways.

We found this cemetery on a trip to Maine, and were told it was one of the oldest in the city (dating back over 300 years).  It was beautiful, and somehow forgotten even though it sat between buildings in the middle of a city.

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