Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A forgotten steel mill...

I heard there were remains of a 19th century iron making complex in the woods in a nearby town.  Supposedly, the furnace and chimney were still standing.  I knew I needed to see it.

As we headed into the woods, we saw the remains on a cellar (above).  We continued onward, and saw stone walls.  Stone walls in New England just sort of appear in the woods.  They always amaze me...the work that went into putting them together without all the tools we have today.

I was hoping there would be more than just stone walls, and there would be a real furnace and chimney waiting along the path.

We made our way through the woods and came to an opening. This stood is front of us!

The chimney was standing nearby. It was perfect.  It certainly didn't look like it was "forgotten" over a hundred years ago.

The two ovens sit up on a hill above the furnace.
Heading into the oven (I never thought i would type those words).
Looking up!

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