Friday, January 11, 2013

Be Kind....

Be Kind....Two little words but a meaning that is so much bigger.  I've followed the Ben's Bells website for a few years.  A family, after losing their little boy, began making bells which they would leave for people to find with the message to spread kindness.  I love visiting their website and reading the stories of those who have found Ben's bells, their letters of how much it meant to them to find this message of kindness and what they plan to do to spread kindness.

I heard that Ben's Bells were coming to Connecticut to bring kindness after the tragedy.  Yesterday, I heard bells had been found.  I was so happy to hear they arrived, but didn't expect to see them myself.  Today, I was out in town, and I saw these.

It was a gloomy overcast day. This bit of color caught my eye and I knew was Ben's Bells. They were really here, in Connecticut, to spread kindness.

To learn more about Ben's bells or to read the stories of those who found them, be sure to check out their website

Please join me today in spreading kindness.

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