Sunday, September 28, 2014

Time to get on the scale...Ridgefield Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off 2014

The day we have all been waiting for....the Ridgefield Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off! Time to get these backyard giants on the scale. We could not have wished for a more perfect day. The sun was shining, the park was filled with giant pumpkins, vendors, exhibitors, music, food, families, friends and fun.

I think the photos tell the story best, so I will let them speak for themselves..enjoy!

The winning field pumpkin weighed in at 139.5 pounds!

The winner in the youth category grew a giant 917 pound pumpkin! Congratulations!

I hope you recognize this pumpkin from my blog. It is my friend's giant. He weighed heavier than expected, so we are very happy.

You may recognize the grower's name from last year's weigh off photos....yes, Nick Huydic came back and won it again. Last year, his giant weighed in at 1290.5 pounds. This year, his pumpkin surpassed that weight by over 300 pounds, weighing in at 1,625.5 pounds! Congratulations!

Check back tomorrow to see pictures of all the pumpkins and squash with their weights and their growers! 


  1. Holy moly - those pumpkins are GI-NOURMOUS!

    1. It's amazing, isn't it?! I'm still surprised when I see the really gigantic ones (and I've been going to the weigh off for several years now).