Thursday, March 22, 2012

the forgotten garden

We were out enjoying a hike, when we stumbled upon forgotten gardening equipment. I am always surprised when I find something abandoned, especially something expensive like a house, or in this case, a giant lawn mower. It was buried under vines and branches, and I probably would have missed it, if I didn't see the bright orange against the white snow and brown vines.

The other gardening equipment was buried too, and I wasn't sure exactly what they were or did. Just struck again by the feelings the forgotten items always provoke. I wonder where their owners are, how big things are just forgotten, and how their presence reminds me of the life that used to exist there. I know that may seem like a lot for a forgotten lawnmower, but it isn't so much the lawmower as the idea that someone used to use it, someone put it there, and somehow it became "forgotten."

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