Friday, March 30, 2012

stopping to see the houses

It's sort of like stopping to smell the roses, except the beauty is a little harder to see sometimes. It is stopping to see the beauty in something forgotten.

I've passed this house so many times. I noticed it each time, was struck by how cool it must have once been, and I would reinstate that mental note to photograph it someday.  As I drove down this street last week, I noticed another forgotten house along the way had been torn down, so I made yet another mental note to photograph this house. Today, as I drove past, I realized I needed to stop adding it to my "to photograph" list, and finally photograph it. I took the time to stop, and appreciate how pretty it must have once been. The window on the top floor was probably really cool.

Another nearby house that I've repeatedly added to my mental "to photograph" list. If you follow me on instagram (and if you don't follow me there yet, my user name is jessicacoffee), then you may have seen a shot of this I took a few days ago. Today, I needed to stop again, and appreciate it. Partly for fear that they may be tearing it down, and partly to remember it, in the hopes they are repurposing it.

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