Friday, March 9, 2012


Last weekend, we had some free time and no set place to photograph next. We decided to go on a roadtrip, and "freestyle." Maybe we would find some cool place, maybe we would find a great coffee shop, maybe we would just drive around and have good conversation. We were up for anything. We picked a direction, packed some snacks and headed out.

We aren't sure what this little building was used for (perhaps a farm stand?) but it was pretty.

We were happy we found something "cool," and continued on. I spotted this amazing former antique shop. We immediately stopped and couldn't stop staring at it. It was huge, and yellow (I love yellow houses/buildings. There's just something warm and inviting about them, even when they are falling down).

We couldn't see anything through the windows. They all seemed to have boards or probably the fallen ceiling agains them. The old tv seemed to be all that remained.

Our road trip was definitely a success.  We drove a few more miles and found an abandoned factory (now I was just feeling really lucky!).

We heard there were two abandoned silos on the same road, and continued on to find them. They were set back from the road, and we would have totally missed them if we didn't know they existed. The first thing I found when we arrived was a random bicycle tire leaning against a tree. It wasn't all that significant on its own, however, I found a picture of the same bicycle tire in the same spot on flickr taken 4 years ago. No one has been through here in all that time, possibly bumped into the tire, knocked it over, anything??? I just made me realize how forgotten this spot really was.

There was something a little bit creepy about the silos, so I didn't spend a lot of time here. I don't like to  photograph creepy places (there will be a blog post soon on the one creepy place I photographed).

Overall, we had an amazing road trip! We found more than I imagined we would.

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