Saturday, April 27, 2013

On top of a mountain...

On a recent road trip, we found this forgotten railroad track.  We were curious because it went up this insanely steep incline to the top of a mountain.  Of course this meant, it needed to be explored.  

The trail was challenging.  It was steep and rocky, and I kept hoping the trip to the top would be worth it. We came around a bend in the trail and we saw this...

It was worth it!  This was the wheel house that housed the gears that pulled the train to the top of the mountain.  It was worth the climb, and the view was amazing.

Inside the remains of the wheel house...

Why did a train climb this steep climb to the top of the mountain?  While the view was beautiful, it seemed like a lot of work to get to the top.  We found out there used to be a hotel, casino and dance hall (all in one building) at the top.  All that remains is the foundation and an amazing view.

When I told my mom we climbed to the top, she told me she rode this train as a little girl.  She said the ride was scary! The train was an open trolley like train and at times it felt like you were going straight up (or down) the mountain.

 There was so much to see here, that I need to split it into two blog posts.  Stay tuned for pictures of the collapsed cabin we found nearby.

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