Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What little remains...

While on our hike to find the abandoned wheel house on the top of the mountain, we also found this collapsed cottage.  

As we got close to the top, I noticed this oil tank leaning against a tree in the woods.

Since we were hiking through the woods on a steep hill, a rusty old oil tank was an unusual find.  After making it to the top and exploring the abandoned wheel house, I knew I needed to explore more. How did an old oil tank make it up here? Then I saw all these pieces of wood sitting on top of a giant rock.

It wasn't until we got closer, that we realized this was a collapsed cottage.  It was destroyed, but a long time ago, it must have had the most amazing view.  

Standing behind where the house sat, looking out at the view.

Anything that was in the house, was destroyed in the collapsed; however, there was lots to find outside.  This old refrigerator was my favorite find here.

We found three or four rusty old bed frames all around the house.

This was such an awesome place to hike and explore. I look forward to going back here. It is so interesting to see what it looks like now, and imagine what it was like 50 years ago.  It seems like there used to be a lot of activity up at the top with the hotel and casino and the steep train ride up the side.

It is peaceful here now, with an amazing view.

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