Friday, May 17, 2013

On the other side of the camera...

My love for old forgotten things extends far beyond buildings. I love old cameras. Just as old houses make me wonder about the memories that happened there, old cameras make me wonder about the memories they captured. I love anything that has a history even if I can only imagine what their history might have been. Like the photographer, the camera rarely makes it into the picture. I thought these beautiful cameras deserved a chance to be the subject.

A friend told me she had all sorts of photography goodies for me. I was thrilled when she handed me several of these beautiful cameras.  

The one below might be my favorite, although the flash on the first one is pretty awesome too. 

My mom found this beautiful camera. 

I did not know there was an "official Girl Scout camera" until a friend gave me hers. This camera is fabulous for so many reason. I love the color, I love the switch from color to black and white, and being a photographer for a Girl Scout troop, I especially love that there is a Girl Scout camera.

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