Monday, May 6, 2013

Time to plant the pumpkins...

While October may seem far off right now, if you are thinking about growing a giant pumpkin it is time to get started.

I visited my friend's pumpkin patch this weekend.  Most of the plants are still inside, but one was in the pumpkin patch, and another on it's way to the pumpkin patch.

It is hard to believe that those giant plants start off this tiny, but they do. In a few months, they will be taking over the garden with leaves that look like elephant ears.

This plant comes from the seed of the long gourd from last summer, you can see him here.  The seed shell is still attached to the leaves, but will fall off soon.

This plant was on his way to the pumpkin patch.  I will get pictures of him again once he is planted in the ground.

This is the first plant in the ground for this pumpkin season. He is protected from the elements and kept warm by his little greenhouse.  The number on the marker indicates his parent pumpkin.  This plant comes from one of the seeds from the amazing 923 pound pumpkin last year. 

Now that the plants are in the ground, I am excited to watch them grow. 

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