Saturday, June 29, 2013

First pumpkin picture of the summer

Remember this little pumpkin plant from a few weeks ago (you can read about him here)? He's grown....A LOT.

I visited the pumpkin patch, and here he is. Yes, that is all one giant plant.  

Each leaf is HUGE. It's amazing to see how quickly this plant grows, and how much plant in needed to grow a giant pumpkin.

Standing among these giant leave and trails of vines, I am excited to see the pumpkin that grows here.

I arrived at just the right time...the pumpkin flower was just pollinated. You can see a rubber band holding the top of the flower shut. The grower does this to prevent bees from pollinating the flower.  Giant pumpkin growers choose which pumpkin plants they specifically wants to cross.  

 Below the rubber banded flower, see that round spot....that will be a giant pumpkin! I will be back there next week to get more pictures and see the pumpkin grow.

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