Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Visiting the pumpkin makes me excited for Autumn!

I visited the pumpkin patch again this weekend. I love going there in July and August because you see such a big change from each visit. The pumpkin really looks like a pumpkin now, and it reminds me Autumn is coming (I love Autumn so that is a happy thought for me!).

Giant pumpkins need to be protected from the elements. When I got to the pumpkin patch, he was under an umbrella covered in a sheet. The rest of the plant was out in the sun, soaking up the rays, but the pumpkin needs extra protecting.

Everything about a pumpkin plant is big. It covers a big piece of land. It produces a giant pumpkin, so of course, it would have giant leaves.  I may need to take a picture of the leaves with something, to show just how big they are. 

I visited the long gourd plant too. The plant is growing fast. Once the gourd starts to grow, it grows quickly....many inches a day. In past years, I visited in the morning and evening, and could see a difference that quickly.

Pumpkin and gourd plants both have these little vines that reach out and grab onto anything nearby. They may look tiny, but they are strong. The long gourd uses them to hold onto the trellis as it climbs.

This little toad has come out to visit me on several visits to the pumpkin patch. He (or one of his little friends) made an appearance on the blog last year, so  I thought he should do the same this year.

In addition to following my facebook page, please be sure to check out the Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off facebook page. The event will be in Connecticut, September 29th and will be a great opportunity to see what a 1,000+ pound pumpkin looks like in person!

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