Thursday, October 31, 2013

We've been waiting a while for this....Halloween

We haven't trick or treated on Halloween since 2010. The last two Halloweens we had storms that postponed (2011) and cancelled (2012) Halloween.  As the days got closer, we kept getting more excited that this year Halloween would happen. We had some rain tonight, but rain wasn't going to stop us. 

We went out, we trick or treated, and it was awesome.

I love seeing everyone's decorations---from a giant frankenstein to a guillotine. 

This witch is very popular on my street. The neighbor who puts her up does an awesome Halloween display (that will be a separate blog post).

Yes, they really built a castle on their front lawn.  My town takes Halloween seriously!

Poe the scarecrow.

I was afraid that all our excitement for Halloween, it wouldn't be as awesome as we hoped and imagined...I was wrong, it was even better.

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