Friday, November 1, 2013

My neighbor might like Halloween even more than I do

I consider myself to be a big fan of Halloween (and I think most people who know me would agree). I have devoted many blog posts, photos, instagram pics, etc to pumpkins, costumes, decorations, more pumpkins, pumpkin lattes, brightly colored leaves and everything that screams autumn and Halloween.

Surprisingly though, I HATE to be scared. I don't watch scary movies or visit haunted houses, but I can definitely appreciate an amazingly decorated Halloween house.

While this house might seem scary, I think it captures scary in a beautiful way. 

I was thrilled when I moved to my town and I discovered that my neighbors took Halloween seriously. One neighbor does an amazing display. These images are from Halloweens past. Unfortunately, last night, it rained. He couldn't light up the display, but he will light it on Saturday, November 2nd. I will be there with my camera capturing it (and I will be sure to blog on it afterwards). 

I hope you enjoy this visit to my favorite Halloween house.

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