Friday, November 8, 2013

Another visit to my favorite castle

A few years ago, I found out there was a castle on a hill in the woods. I needed to go and see it immediately. My blog post from that visit is here.

Of course, one visit is never enough, and I knew I needed to go back and see her again. 

Despite the state of decay, it is easy to see how magnificent this building was. The arches, the remains of the huge veranda, the amazing windows, this building was amazing. 

As you may know from this blog, I love windows. These give a glimpse inside the remains of this structure. The picture below is one of my favorites. You can see the vines growing on the inside wall. On the right side of the window, you can see the remains of a staircase hanging on the inside wall.

Here we can see the state of the inside of the building. Unfortunately, the roof has collapsed and took down the floors below it.

The building is surrounded by a fence, and looking in this window, it is obvious why the fence is there. If you visit, don't try to find a way beyond the fence, it isn't safe. Just appreciate the beauty of the remaining structure from the safety outside the fence.

We continued on a nearby trail and found this building. I wonder if this might have been the water tower.

Just beyond the possible water tower, we found this little "house" blocked by fallen trees. Could this have been the pump house? I'm still trying to find out and will keep you posted.

I plan to return in winter and photograph this beautiful building under a blanket of snow.


  1. Great pictures Jessica. It truly is a magnificent structure.

    1. thank you, Bonnie. I could stare at this building for hours. It is so amazing.