Saturday, November 30, 2013

The forgotten Boyce Thompson Institute

When I write abandoned greenhouse, one might imagine a small glass structure with broken windows. While, yes, this is an abandoned greenhouse, there is nothing small about it. This magnificent structure was once the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research.

Surrounded by this beautiful fence, we made our way around to see these amazing greenhouses.

As I stood here in awe of this building, I kept wondering how someplace this beautiful could be forgotten. Once the home of so many species of exotic plants, it is now overtaken with weeds and several cats.

I stumbled upon this sign, and although it is such a small part of this amazing place, I love the little details.

In front of this building once sat raised beds filled with gorgeous plants. Now it sits here in this forgotten state. 

How does a place this beautiful become forgotten? I am drawn to this building, and the other forgotten places I photograph, because they have these amazing rich histories that have somehow been lost. I hope that in photographing them and sharing those photos, I am preserving a little part of them.

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