Monday, July 16, 2012

I had to go back...

I love this convent sitting high up on a hill.  I find it mesmerizing, beautiful, and captivating.  It sits atop a hill, overlooking a river, and it is this magical place lost in time. 

I wasn't planning to photograph it again this weekend, but we ended up at a restaurant could I not just drive by and soak in its beauty.

Last visit, I thought the clock might still be working (since I was there around 3:30), however yesterday, it was early evening, and the clock was still at 3:30.

The windows are amazing.  I LOVE that little roun window in the roof.  It is magical and I would absolutely want that to be my room just for the fairytale little window.

The windows---it's always about the windows. I love catching a glimpse of these rounded beauties as we continued along the road.

The ivy covered cross is amazing. The broken stained glass window made me sad, one would hope windows that high might possibly survive.

I just love this place. It amazes me how something this big, this beautiful, this captivating, just sits on top of a mountain forgotten.  I will go back again....and hopefully, I can get permission to visit, walk the grounds and capture more of the little details that make this place so amazing.

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