Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the weigh off is just days away...

It's almost time for this backyard giant to be lifted out of his pumpkin patch, and taken on a journey to a giant scale.

It is getting cold here at night, and keeping a giant pumpkin warm is lots of work.  I visited him early one morning, as his grower was "taking his blankets off."

Yes, there are lots of layers to keep him warm.  The tarp will keep the blankets dry, then a heavy sleeping bag, and more blankets under that.

His color has gotten so much brighter in the last few weeks.  

Look how big the giant pumpkin is next to his proud grower.

This weekend, I will be there for the lifting of this giant onto a truck and I will be cheering him on as he gets weighed. I will capture it all and share it with you.  Be sure to leave any guesses on how much his official weight will be?

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