Saturday, September 28, 2013

The night before the weigh off

On the eve of the weigh off, it was time to lift this giant. When you see a pumpkin this big, the thought of lifting him seems impossible. In the past, we lifted some of the smaller giants with a giant canvas similar to a tarp with handles around the outside and lots of man power. This pumpkin is too big to lift that way.

Instead, we used a tripod and a pulley system. Two people were able to move this giant (while I captured the whole thing).

Ready to lift this giant.

The first moments as the pumpkin is lifted off the ground are a bit nerve wracking. Will the knot hold? Can it really be lifted? Then as it slowly inches higher, I quickly shoot a picture under the pumpkin.

Why would the bottom of the pumpkin matter? Well, at the weigh off the judges will be checking the under side of the pumpkin to make sure it is solid. Thankfully, this giant looked good.

As he settles into the truck, I think we were all breathing a sigh of relief. Another step closer to the weigh off has been successful.

Tomorrow, this giant gets weighed. I will blog pictures after the weigh off.

Here is our proud grower with his giant. I am so grateful he lets me visit the pumpkin patch and photograph his giants as they grow.

 Be sure to check back here tomorrow evening to hear all about the weigh off.


  1. I think that thing is just one 'bibbety bobbety boo' away from turning into a carriage!

    1. Jess, I think you might be right! Check out the blog post I did at the weigh off. It was a herd of gigantic pumpkins!