Friday, September 27, 2013

Two days until the weigh off...

This morning, I walked down my driveway and saw a giant pumpkin on a truck. It felt like fall. Today is two days before the giant pumpkin weigh off and the first entry arrived.

Tonight, I visited my friend's pumpkin patch to see the giant pumpkin cut off the vine. His pumpkin this year is an unusual color. It has only the tiniest bit of orange around the stem.

This was the main vine from the giant pumpkin plant, and the original marker. The 1422 on the marker indicates the seed that was used. The seed came from a pumpkin that weighed 1,422 pounds.

It was time to cut the pumpkin off the vine. According to official weigh off rules, no more than one inch of vine can remain attached to the stem (and yes, there are judges at the weigh off that check).

Giant pumpkin has been "set free" from his vine. He is all bundled up for the night. Tomorrow, we lift him (yes, there will be a blog post with lots of pictures of how we lift this giant).

I had to stop by and see the long gourd too. He is still growing.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for pictures of the lifting of the giant pumpkin. The weigh off is on Sunday. Check out the weigh off facebook page. I will be blogging Sunday night about the weigh off, so check back Sunday night too!


  1. Can't wait to see what happens next to this great pumpkin!!1

    1. I'm working on today's blog post on this giant :-)

  2. Oh man - when you say giant pumpkin, you aren't kidding!