Thursday, October 18, 2012

Every pumpkin is beautiful...

There are so many things I love to do to celebrate autumn, as is apparent by my blog posts lately.  Another fall *must*... a trip to this fabulous pumpkin patch.  We visited last weekend, and as always, it was great. 

Everyone has their own list of qualities that make the perfect Halloween pumpkin--some like the tall ones, the perfectly round ones, the brightest orange ones.  Me? I like the unusual ones. I love pumpkins that have some green on them. And the misshapen ones? I think those are so cool.

I really liked this one.  His shape was almost perfectly round, but just "off" enough to make him different.

There bumpy ones just scream "ugly beautiful." I loved all of them.

Choosing which one to bring home was not easy...until we saw this one.  He is shaped like a top that you would spin with lots of fabulous green.  He is a perfect Halloween pumpkin.

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