Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Sorry for the delay in posting.  We lost power and internet with Hurricane Sandy, or more affectionately known as Frankenstorm.  I will start with the picture above---the giant pumpkin survived a hurricane.  Massive tree down behind him, but he is fine and he is the only thing "halloween" happening around here today.

With the media warning us non-stop about the impending storm, you can't help but start to panic.  All we heard was to be prepared for days or weeks without power.  Gas quickly sold out.

Water was quickly bought up, and most grocery stores looked like this.
The winds picked up during the day.  They were getting scary and darkness was approaching.  As the sun went down, we lost power.  We were really in the dark.  The winds were getting stronger and scarier and I just kept hoping no trees would fall.  Then we heard that crack sound a tree makes right before it falls.  I ran outside to look and watched this giant tree fall. 

Many many trees are down everywhere. School is closed. Most are still without power, but we are grateful. So many places were hit so badly.  We are ok, just powerless.

Halloween has been postponed. I will definitely do a "postponed Halloween" post once it happens.  To those hit by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are with you. For those celebrating Halloween today, Happy Halloween.

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