Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It isn't Halloween until I visit the Blaze!

It is my favorite time of the year. I love Autumn. I love Halloween.  I look forward to it for months.  There are certain things that just make the season perfect in my mind---finding amazing pumpkins and gourds (I will blog about that soon), pumpkin spiced lattes, picking Halloween costumes, visiting pumpkin patches and a trip to the Blaze. If you are within driving distance of New York, definitely check out the Blaze.

If you are going this year, stop reading here (this post has lots of photos).  If you can't help yourself and want to see the pictures, there are still lots of amazing carved pumpkins that I did not include (so you will still be surprised when you get there).

My favorite part. It's hard to show just how big these are.  The carved skeleton ghosts were probably 10 feet tall. This tends to be the crowded part of the path through the Blaze, but I didn't mind because they always do a huge amazing display in this spot.

Frankenstein was amazing! I don't remember seeing him last year.  If you go, check out his friends too. Each one was so cool.

It is hard to imagine thousands of carved pumpkins, and it is hard to show you the magnitude of it without giving it all away. This is just a small glimpse into the Blaze.

I love the scarecrow in the corn and sunflower patch. The scarecrows have been a part of the Blaze for several years, and they too are among my favorites (who am I kidding...they are all my favorites).  Picking a favorite at the Blaze is impossible.

There are some scary pumpkins, but they are beautiful scary. Nothing jumps out at you, no zombies chasing you....just lots and lots of insanely beautiful carved pumpkins.

If you haven't bought tickets yet, they are going fast!


  1. For those of us not within driving distance -Thank You! It must be amazing in person!

    1. thank you, Amy! It is amazing! I was thinking I might do a blog post with more pics after Halloween (just so I don't post too much before those going have a chance to see it).