Friday, October 26, 2012

It's almost Halloween...that means more Jack O'Lanterns

After the two posts on this year's amazing Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze, I heard requests for more pictures.  It is such an amazing Halloween event, every time I look at the photos from it, I think I get more excited for Halloween.  I didn't want to post a lot of photos from this year's Blaze, since it is still going on and some readers may have tickets to go in the next few days. So, I decided to revisit my photos from last year's Blaze and share those with you. 

I love the jack o'lantern scarecrows! 

The details carved into some of the pumpkins is truly amazing. I was in awe of all of these.

Each year, some of our favorites return from previous years; while we find amazing new carved creations. I love revisiting old favorites and I love the surprise of the amazing new carvings the artists have come up with.

The beehive is another favorite of mine.    All the bees are carved into tiny pumpkins.  There are at least a hundred of them flying around the hive. I wish I had the patience to carve all of these!

If you are going to the Blaze this weekend or next week, have an amazing time!

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